Jul 16, 2014

Episode 9: Rises Below Vulgarity

"Elevate" (St. Lucia, 2013)

"Gobbledigook" (Sigur Rós, 2008)

"Holy Holy" (Wye Oak, 2011)


Additional Audio Excerpts: Opiuo (“Robo Booty"), Black Lace (“Agadoo” / "Have a Screw" / "Gang Bang"), Chumbawamba (“Agadoo" - Black Lace cover), Kelloggs' Vanilla Mini-Wheats commerical (“Agadoo" parody), History of the World Part I - excerpt (outdoor chess scene), Back to the Future - soundtrack (main theme), Los del Rio (“Macarena”), George Michael (“Careless Whisper”), Owen Pallett ("This Lamb Sells Condos"), Joan Osborne (“What If God Was One of Us"), Crazy Frog (“Axel F."), The Hampsterdance songBombay Bicycle Club (“Shuffle"), Dirty Loops (“Lost In You"), Tune-Yards (“Water Fountain" / "Real Thing"), Sonic Youth (“100%"), Phil Collins ("In the Air Tonight"), Toto (“Pamela"), Sigur Rós (“Saeglopur" / "Svefn-g-englar"), Radiohead (“Kid A”), Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - video game soundtrack (“Casino Night Zone” - single player version), Mumford and Sons (“The Cave"), T. Rex (“Mambo Sun")